About Us

Our promise to restore ethical journalism: Countering the media’s ever-growing dishonesty, Unwoke Narrative is committed to spreading the truth while adhering to a strict ethical and moral code. The guidelines below ensure that everything we create is centered around the public’s best interest.

1. Accuracy

We ensure that all our content is fact-based and accurate. We promise to bring you the truth in a world of growing misinformation. We do not hyperbolize or exaggerate content to sensationalize stories or omit pertinent information.

If it is ever the case, we pledge to retract anything proven false with a correction update.

2. Selective reporting

The legacy media floods consumers with information. We will not do that. We are selective in our reporting to help you cut through the noise. We report on pertinent stories while avoiding sensational and over-reported ones.

If legacy media adequately covers an important story, we will not repeat that coverage.

3. Informational minimalism

Our goal is to be concise and avoid overloading our readers with unimportant details. However, we edit responsibly.

We do not omit relevant information. Any quote, screenshot, or video clip we share will preserve the integrity and meaning of the original source. Our editing is meant to clarify, not mislead.

4. Integrity

At Unwoke Narrative, integrity is not just a word. It is our main guiding value.

You are the priority: Contrary to the mainstream media, we are not beholden to special interests or agendas. We report the truth with verified research and sources – even if unpopular. If you ever witness a deviation from our code of ethics, we encourage you to reach out directly. We acknowledge the importance of accountability and will address concerns promptly.

We are neutral: Unwoke Narrative employees cannot attend or speak at an event for an outside organization while using the company name. However, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. Employees cannot accept money from organizations with a history of lobbying or political activity.

We disclose conflicts of interest: To maintain integrity, Unwoke Narrative encourages employees to disclose any conflicts of interests that may infringe upon our commitment to spreading the truth.

We recognize others: When it is not our original idea or perspective, we attribute it to the original creator. Quotes, videos, articles, photos, etc., must be recognized accordingly.

We minimize harm: Unwoke Narrative does not shy away from topics such as suicide, sexual assault, children, etc. However, we do realize that these topics can be sensitive. We are committed to providing fact-based information while understanding privacy concerns/rights for those involved. Graphic content (video, imagery, language, etc.) is only used when necessary.

We aim to avoid anonymous sources: When situations arise that require a source to be anonymous – violence, harm, threats, retaliation, etc. – we are willing to make exceptions.

We choose ethical sponsorships: Our sponsors play an integral role in supporting our work at Unwoke Narrative. When we select our sponsors, we ensure that they share our core values and have our audience’s best interest at heart. Our sponsors have no influence or sway in our content or writing. Sponsors fund our work and connect the Unwoke Narrative community with reliable and trustworthy products, people, services, and movements.

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