All Voter Fraud Evidence, 2020 Election
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All Voter Fraud Evidence, 2020 Election

There's more than enough evidence that shows key swing-states had serious voting problems.

Ballot Issues in the 2020 Election

There's been hundreds of sworn affidavits describing voter fraud in the election.

Texas said that elections were unconstitutionally altered to become less secure, and thus invalid.

Election Interference by Big Tech & Mass Media

The MSM and silicon valley spent the last four years rigging the election.

Dominion's Questionable History

Dominion software, which played a role in key swing-states, has a questionable past.

Fraud In Fulton County Wasn't Debunked

Fact checkers rushed to 'debunk' a video showing possible fraud. They were wrong.

Database of Fraud and Errors Leading Up To The Election

We tracked reporting of voter fraud and election inconsistencies. Here's the database.

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