COVID Lockdowns: Substance Abuse, Mental Health, & Suicides.
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COVID Lockdowns: Substance Abuse, Mental Health, & Suicides.

Mental Health of Americans just hit a 20-year low.

During late June, 40% of U.S adults struggled with mental health or substance abuse.

  • 30% had symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder.
  • 13% had increased substance use to cope with stress or emotions related to COVID-19.
  • 26% had symptoms of a trauma-and stressor-related disorder related to the pandemic.
  • 25% of adults aged 18-24 seriously considered suicide.
  • 30% of unpaid caregivers for adults seriously considered suicide.
  • 27.8% of U.S. adults reported depression symptoms as of April 2020, compared to only 8.5% before COVID.
In May, a California doctor told local news that he witnessed a years worth of suicide attempts during the lockdown in just the four weeks prior.

A Worsened Opioid Crisis

  1. More than 40 states in the US reported increases related to opioid-related deaths.
  2. In Rhode Island, all drug fatal overdoses increased 26% and opioid-involved fatal overdoses increased 33%.
  3. Overdose calls were up at-least 40% during COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. In Australia, the lockdown's suicide toll was far higher than virus. They exceeded deaths from the virus by 10 times.
  5. The pandemic may lead to another 75,000 deaths from substance abuse and suicide.

Sources: CDC, Washington Post


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