Nancy Pelosi’s Corrupt Millions
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Nancy Pelosi’s Corrupt Millions

Pelosi is the sixth-richest member of Congress. She used her power in congress to get there. We explain how.

The following is based on Glenn Greenwald's reporting.

Pelosi’s Wealth

Pelosi is the sixth-richest member of Congress. As Pelosi rose within the Democrat Party’s ranks, her personal wealth has gone up too. Her wealth is now $115 million. It was $41 million in 2004. How?

Pelosi and her husband made “lucky” decisions in which stocks to buy and sell, specifically in industries that Pelosi has enormous influence over.

There's a severe conflict of interest.

Pelosi’s Big Tech Relationship

Close to 75% of Pelosi’s trades within the last two years have been within Silicon Valley’s Big Tech industry. That’s more than $33 million in trading.

As Speaker of The House, Pelosi oversees major legislation that can drastically affect this industry. Essentially, Pelosi has power over the future of Big Tech. She then uses this power to rake in millions through investments.


Pelosi has traded Apple more than any other company (17.7% of Pelosi’s overall trading volume). During the trading time period, she has had private conversations with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook about that company and the effects of the company based on possible legislation.

On June 22nd, many in the tech industry were frantic because of possible incoming antitrust reform. Apple’s CEO made a call to Pelosi in response.

“Indeed, all five of the Pelosis’ most-traded stocks over the last two years just so happen to be the five Silicon Valley giants that would be most affected by pending legislation. Four of them — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google — were all of the companies identified by the House Antitrust Subcommittee as being classic monopolies, while the fifth — Microsoft — has sent executives to repeatedly testify before Democratic-led House committees to defend Democrats’ pending bills.” - Glenn Greenwald

Donations From Big Tech

Google is one of the top five donors to Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. She purchases their stock, she controls legislation that could affect them beneficially or negatively, and in response, Google gives her cash.

Pelosi’s Husband

Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, has brought in more than $5 million from his options on Google stock.

In January, Paul Pelosi purchased almost $1 million in Tesla calls before Biden announced his plan to promote electric vehicles.

In March, Paul Pelosi put in almost $2 million worth of call options into Microsoft. This was less than two weeks before Microsoft secured a $22 billion U.S. army contract.

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