Socialism, The Opposite Of Equality

Socialism, The Opposite Of Equality

Dec 16, 2020 1:21 PM (EDT)

What is Socialism Truly About?

Many see socialism as the cure for inequality, a system where the wealth gap wouldn't exist. Those are the common talking points because they're effective and take away from the actual goals and affects of socialism.

Historically, socialist leaders expressed their opposition to inequality and the wealthily class:

"Being rich is bad, it's inhuman" - Hugo Chávez

But, history taught us that socialism is not about justice, and it's not about helping the poor. It's about the power of the ruling class.

"Every socialist is a disguised dictator" - Ludwig Von Mises

Socialism promotes the opposite of equality: absolute power and wealth consolidated into the hands of the few.

The Soviet Union

”Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited” - Joseph Stalin

However, he is considered to be one of the richest, and most powerful men of all time, with the complete global control of a nation with 9.6% global GDP.

It is estimated that around 20 million people died as victims of Stalin in:

Labor camps



Forced Collectivization

Sources: The New York Times


Under Mao Zedong, people were told to hate landlords.

Mao is one of the greatest mass murderers in history, responsible for the deaths of at lease 45 million people between 1958 and 1962, and included large numbers of victims who were executed or tortured, as opposed to “merely” starving to death.

“Mao was sitting in his luxurious pool, talking to western journalists, while millions of Chinese died of starvation- Marion Smith, Exec. Director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Sources: Washington Post, Fox News, "Mao's Great Famine"


"Being rich is bad, it's inhuman" - Hugo Chávez

Despite Chavez's words, his worth was noted as being between $1 billion and $2 billion dollars at at his death.

The 2019-2020 nations survey of living conditions shows that the average income in Venezuela was 72 US Cents per day in 2019. Based purely on income, as noted in the report, 96% of Venezuelans live in poverty and 70% live in extreme poverty.

Sources: Fox News, USUNRome


We chose socialism because it is a more fair system” - Fidel Castro

Forbes estimated Fidel Castro’s personal net worth at $900 million.

After 40 years of “revolution”, Cuba barely grew at all. When Castro took power in 1959, GDP per capita was some $2,067 a year. In 1999, it was just $2,307 (adjusted for Price Differences and inflation).

Sources: Forbes, The Globe & Mail


"Stealing from capitalism is not like stealing out of our own pockets. Marx and Lenin have taught su that anything is ethical, so long as it is in the interest of the proletarian class and its world revolution." - Nicolae Ceausescu, Communist ruler of Romania

Nicolae had the highest salary in the country, and his palace came at a cost of $1.7 billion.

Romanian citizens suffered shortages of food, fuel, medicine, and other basic necessities.

Most people lived in poverty as Ceausescu and his wide lived in extravagance. He was arrested and charged with Genocide of the Romanian people.

Sources: The Richest, Fox News

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