Pro-Trump Riots: The Outrage Is Manufactured

Pro-Trump Riots: The Outrage Is Manufactured

Jan 7, 2021

When the media and politicians refused to condemn the violence from BLM riots during the summer, a new standard was set.

There is nothing in the pro-Trump Capitol Hill riot that we haven't seen yet.

BLM Riots


Lasted seven months

Condemned mostly by Republicans

Encouraged by media and politicians

23+ people shot dead

700+ officers injured

150+ federal buildings damaged

Fires scorched multiple cities

Hundreds of small businesses destroyed

No Outrage

Capital Hill Riot


Lasted several hours

Condemned by all Republicans & Democrats

Encouraged only by fringe political groups

1 person shot dead

50 officers injured

One federal building damaged

No fires set

No small businesses destroyed

Nationwide Outrage


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