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Current Inflation, Explained public
Government 1 min read

Current Inflation, Explained

Groceries increased by six percent, and essentials like gas by fifty. If you didn't earn a 6.8% raise, you're poorer than you were last year. How did we get here?
The FDA Lost Our Trust A While Ago. Here's Why public
Pandemic 3 min read

The FDA Lost Our Trust A While Ago. Here's Why

Protecting pharmaceuticals instead of the public, covering up fraud, manipulating the media, and bending the knee to partisan pressure. There's a lot of reasons to be skeptical about the FDA.
Ongoing Tyranny In Australia public
Government 3 min read

Ongoing Tyranny In Australia

Despite many elements of a free democracy, including mixed, representative, and mostly decentralized government, Australians have been brought under harsh subjugation by an extreme “public health” plan.
The Biden Border Crisis public
The Ruling Class 2 min read

The Biden Border Crisis

As Biden's open-border agenda inches closer to reality, the border crisis reaches new levels of chaos. The Crisis In NumbersBorder
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