The Case Against Vaccine Passports: Tyranny And Discrimination
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The Case Against Vaccine Passports: Tyranny And Discrimination

Our government and corporations are positioning themselves to limit our ability to freely and equally participate in our society. Refuse their power grab.

Vaccine Passports would mean being barred from:

If vaccine passports are established, those without vaccines would be barred from crucial aspects of society, akin to social exile. Who would be most affected by such tyranny?


Black Americans are getting the vaccine at much lower rates than white Americans. Vaccine passport implementation would mean less societal access for Black Americans and minorities in general.

  • As of Jan. 14, 1.2% of white Pennsylvanians had been vaccinated compared with 0.3% of Black Pennsylvanians.
  • Black Americans are 41% less likely to pursue vaccination.

Sources: KHN, Philly Voice, Medical News Today

The Poor

The lower classes of the United States will be getting vaccinated disproportionately less compared to the well off. With vaccine passports, this means less societal access for those who need it most.

  • Predictors of being vaccinated include having an income of $120,000 or higher, or being a Democrat.
  • A majority of least-educated Americans surveyed did not expect to get vaccinated.

Source: UCDavis


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