Unwoke Weekly: Everything You Need To Know
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Unwoke Weekly: Everything You Need To Know

The new alliance against China, Clinton's lawyer arrested, and more.


THE AUKUS ALLIANCE - The US, UK, and Australia agreed on a new deal to combat China. Biden “alienated” the EU and left France out of the agreement. France called it a stab in the back. The EU has announced its plan to combat the CCP hours after the Aukus announcement. [The Guardian]

AUSTRALIAN ANTI-LOCKDOWN PROTESTORS ARRESTED - 235 and 32 anti-lockdown protesters were arrested on Saturday in Melbourne and Sydney, respectively. Several officers were injured. [Reuters]

CUBA VACCINATES CHILDREN - Cuba is the first country in the world to vaccinate young children against COVID-19 to reopen schools. [CNN]

TALIBAN FORCE WOMEN OUT OF WORKFORCE - On Sunday, the Taliban ordered women to exit the workforce and stay at home regardless of employment status. [Washington Examiner]

MIGRANTS FLOOD AMERICAN BORDER - 12,000 Haitians are awaiting processing in encampments under the Del Rio Bridge. DHS announced it is working on a plan to expel them effectively. In contrast, city leaders are working on bussing them to other Border Patrol stations across the southwest. [WaPo, Washington Examiner]

SUCCESSFUL MANNED SPACEX LAUNCH - SpaceX made history by launching four civilians into orbit around Earth for three days. [Space]



HEALTH OFFICIALS WARN OF INFLATED COVID STATISTICS - Multiple officials warn of skewed COVID death statistics due to conflating those dying from SARS-CoV-2 and merely testing positive before death. [Just The News]

BMI AMONG CHILDREN DOUBLED DURING PANDEMIC - The CDC revealed that obesity “approximately doubled” in children last year due to the pandemic and lockdowns. [NY Post]

DEMS REJECT PLAN TO MANDATE VACCINE FOR IMMIGRANTS - House Democrats rejected a plan that would’ve required immigrants to take the COVID-19 vaccine before entering the US. [Breitbart]

VACCINE CONTAMINANTS FOUND IN JAPAN - Foreign matter was again found in unused vials of the Pfizer COVID. Pfizer says it’s not contamination. [Fierce Pharma]

AZ AG SUES BIDEN ADMIN OVER MANDATES - Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that the state is suing the administration over the mandates. “We have filed a lawsuit today against the unprecedented and unconstitutional power grab by the Biden administration.” [CNN]

COVID VACCINE 6 TIMES RISKIER THAN COVID-19 COMPLICATIONS FOR TEENAGE BOYS - Young males are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems after being jabbed than be hospitalized from coronavirus. [Telegraph]

HOSPITALIZATION NUMBERS MEAN LITTLE: A new study found that hospitalization doesn’t tell us much about the pandemic. Almost half of those hospitalized with COVID-19 have mild or asymptomatic cases. [The Atlantic]

ASSOCIATED PRESS CALLS RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS A “BLUFF” - “Religious objections, once used only sparingly around the country to get exempted from various required vaccines, are becoming a much more widely used loophole against the COVID-19 shot,” an AP article. [Breitbart]

UNITED CEO READY TO MANDATE PASSENGER VAX - If Biden mandates vaccinations for interstate travel, the United Airlines CEO has signaled that he will enforce it. [EpochTimes]


BIDEN DEFENDS MILLEY’S CALL TO CHINA - The Biden administration has defended Milley’s call to China, stating he acted within his duties. Milley told China that he would give them a proper warning of any U.S. attacks in his calls. [CBS]

PENTAGON CALLS DEADLY DRONE STRIKE ON FAMILY A “TRAGIC MISTAKE” - The Pentagon reversed their position on the airstrike, calling the Kabul attack that killed ten civilians a “tragic mistake.” It killed no ISIS-K affiliates. [HuffPost]

OLYMPIC GYMNASTS TESTIFY ON FBI NEGLIGENCE  - The gymnasts highlighted how the FBI attempted to cover up for pedophile and molester Larry Nasser. They were reluctant to investigate and bring justice to the gymnasts. [GMA]

BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT GOING BACK TO DC SWAMP - This will reverse the Trump administration’s decision to move the bureau to the mountains of western Colorado. [WaPo]

AOC’S MET GALA HYPOCRISY - AOC attended the Met Gala with the top 1% of society, where tickets cost $30,000. While there, AOC lamented about being a working-class American while earning over $170k a year. Additionally, the event treated its workers like second-class citizens. They were all masked while none of the celebrities were. [Reason]

CA SPENDS $2M OUT OF $316M ON HOMELESSNESS - CA’s housing department received $316 million from the CARES act. It has spent less than 1% of that allocated money. As of last year, over 161,000 Californians are homeless. [JustTheNews]

CLINTON LAWYER INDICTED FOR LYING TO FBI - The lawyer created a fictitious story and spread it to the FBI. He claimed that there was a server that allowed the Trump organization to communicate with a Russia-based bank. This lie was used as a smoking gun for proof of collusion and helped propagate the witch-hunt. [Greenwald]

CONGRESS EXEMPT FROM BIDEN’S VAX MANDATE - Congress is exempt while the Biden White House must get vaccinated. [TheBlaze]

FEDERAL RESERVE QUESTIONS STOCK TRADE ETHICS - “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has directed officials at the central bank to take a “comprehensive look” into the ethics rules surrounding permissible financial holdings and activities by senior staff.” [TheHill]

BIDEN ADMIN CUTTING TREATMENT SUPPLIES TO FLORIDA, RED STATES - Gov. DeSantis has been critical of the Biden Administration for cutting the number of monoclonal antibodies to Florida. He claims they are highly needed and will affect his state dramatically. [Forbes]

BIDEN ADMIN CUTS MEDIA FROM MIGRANT CRISIS - The FAA put a two-week flight restriction above the current area where the migrant crisis is peaking. After backlash, Fox News was allowed to operate their drones for footage. [Fox]

GOOGLE BLOCKS PRO-LIFE ADS - Google removed pro-life ads that pushed a treatment to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. "It's extreme and unprecedented bias in support of the abortion industry," says Lila Risa, head of pro-life group Live Action. [Fox]


NC JUDGE STRIKES DOWN VOTER ID LAW - The judge agreed with the partisan opinion that the law is tainted by racial bias. The law “was motivated at least in part by an unconstitutional intent to target African American voters,” the judge wrote. [AP]

FEDS, MEDIA OUTNUMBER 1/6 POLITICAL PRISONER PROTEST - Only around 100-200 protesters turned up. Capitol police had about 400 present. The protest was also peaceful, despite Homeland Security claiming that some individuals were planning to engage in violence. [BBC]

UNDERCOVER FEDS MOCKED AT PROTEST - An image circulated the internet as many speculate an odd-looking group to be multiple secret agents at the protest. [Twitter]

UNDERCOVER FED ARRESTED AT PROTEST - A Twitter video shows an individual dressed as a protester searched for having a firearm by capitol police. After being asked if he is undercover, he responds that he is “just here."


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