Who Are The Unvaccinated?
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Who Are The Unvaccinated?

With vaccine mandates sweeping through the nation, a large percentage of Americans will be barred from society. Who will be affected?

It’s not just Republicans. It's people of all walks of life.

Young people

Only a little over 50% of those aged 18-24 have been vaccinated, compared to about 90% of Americans aged 65 and older. The percentage is even less for those under 18.

According to the Economist and CDC data, the case fatality rate for men and women aged between 0-35 is < 0.1 percent.

Black and Hispanic Communities

41% of Hispanics and 38% of Black Americans are vaccinated, compared to 48% of White Americans.

Despite these groups overwhelmingly voting for Biden, they are still hesitant about getting the vaccine.

The Economically Disadvantaged

The number of people who have not received the vaccine by household income.

Source: US Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey, June 23 - July 5

People with lower incomes make up a larger share of the unvaccinated.


A majority of both Republicans and Democrats have been vaccinated, despite a sizable gap between the rates.

86% of Democrats
52% of Republicans

Sources: CNN, Vox, KFF, NY Post

It’s not partisan. There are people of all walks of life who are hesitant to get the vaccination. Politicians are eager to exile them from society.


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